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80 years difference, but so much in common!


My 5 year old son Everett, grandson of Saratoga Arms owners Noel and Kathleen Smith, is an avid Little Rascals fan…the original series from the 1920s.  He checks out the old VHS tapes from the Saratoga Springs Public Library on a weekly basis.

About three weeks ago, Kathleen called me from home to say that Dick Moore was staying at the hotel and was in the dining room having breakfast.  Dick Moore played the character “Little Dickie” in the original Our Gang series.  Kathleen told Mr. Moore that her grandson was a huge fan and asked if he would be willing to talk with him.  He graciously obliged and Everett and I headed down to the hotel.

While in the car, I was concerned that Everett was expecting to see “Little Dickie” as a 5 year old boy (See Below).  I told him that he is now a grown up and no longer a kid, now an 85 year old man.  He declared with such confidence, “I know he is older Mom, the shows were in Black and White!!”

We arrive at the hotel and Everett bounds up to the table and introduces himself.  It was his first “celebrity” experience and he was awestruck.  Yet as he became more comfortable he began discussing the various episodes that “Little Dickie” was in.  Mr. Moore remembered those episodes and they both talked about their experiences with such glee.  As I stood there watching them both, I was struck that even though there was 80 years difference between the two, this wonderful common experience washed that 80 years away.

Mr. Moore was a gracious celebrity and took a picture with Everett (See Below) and signed an autograph as well.  Everett was a gracious hotelier’s son and helped Mr. Moore load luggage into his car, earning a dollar for his troubles.

Calling All Beer Lovers…Something is Brewing this Winter

Bed & Brew WeekendSaratoga Arms in Saratoga Springs, NY is pleased to announce an exciting new package designed for the beer enthusiast and those who want to learn more about the brewing process, Something’s Brewing-An Ultimate Bed and Brew Winter Weekend.  Saratoga Arms is partnering with the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company to offer you a weekend of craft beers, fine dining and just plain fun.The Olde Saratoga Brewing Company brews several varieties of the freshest craft brewed ales and lagers in the area.  The weekend will include unprecedented access to the brewery and the brewing process.  Following the brewery tour partake in a delicious four-course beer pairing dinner.  A wonderful way to warm your winter bones.

Friday Evening

  • Arrive and check in at the hotel
  • 8-10pm  Join other beer aficionados for an evening of beer sampling.*  An expert brewer from the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company will be on hand to answer questions and swap stories.

*We encourage you to bring samples of your own brew, craft beer or favorite local lager from you neck of the woods to share.  All enthusiasts are invited to sample from the different offerings.


  • 8:30-10am  Enjoy a full breakfast at Saratoga Arms
  • 10-4pm  Explore the city of Saratoga Springs.  Many unique shops, world class museums and fine restaurants are within walking distance of Saratoga Arms
  • 4:15pm  The shuttle will wisk you off to the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company for a private and indepth tour.  While there, we will stop in their tasting room and sample some freshly made beers and ales.
  • 6:15pm  The shuttle returns to Saratoga Arms
  • 6:30pm  Prepare to feast in our private dining room!  Sit down to a four-course meal with carefully considered beer pairings from the day’s tour. Bob Cohan from the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company will be joining us to talk about the pairing choices.


  • 8:30-10am  Another scrumptious Saratoga Arms breakfast
  • 11am  Checkout time, but feel free to spend some time visiting our local merchants before heading home

Select a weekend below to join us for a great winter beer getaway

January 21-23, 2011     February 25-27, 2011     March 18-20, 2011     April 29-May 1, 2011

Click to Reserve Now!!!

$599 per couple plus tax for the weekend in a KING BED
$569 per couple plus tax for the weekend in a QUEEN BED

We also have rooms with fireplaces and whirlpools for an additional fee.
Inquire at 518-584-1775 or

An Interesting Way to Travel

The guests we meet…

In September a gentleman who lives in South Africa checked into Saratoga Arms.  He walked through the front door in full cycling gear and quite sweaty.  He looked as though he had been bicycling all day…when in fact he had.  Here’s his story-

After retirement, he wanted to see the world in new and inventive ways.  He told us he wanted to take a trip from Montreal to New York City….on his bicycle!!  He planned the trip for months.  Bought a custom made bike and trained for stamina (although I’m not sure anyone truly told him about the Adirondack Mountains).

He started in Montreal in the middle of September, cycling each day and putting up for the night in little town after little town.  He told us that he knew that Saratoga Springs was halfway between Montreal and New York City and seemed as though our town was a great place to spend a few days and refuel for the last half of his trip.  He enjoyed the town, enjoyed our breakfasts for the three days he stayed with us and on Saturday September 25th set out for New York City. (see pic below leaving from the Saratoga Arms porch)

We asked that he keep us updated with his success and he sent an email stating that he arrived at Central Park in New York City on Sunday, October 3rd just in time for lunch.  Besides the torrential rains, he had a grand time. He did send a pic in Central Park for proof, see below.

One of the most interesting things about his story is that he wanted to experience this trip with his wife of 30+ years.  She traveled with him the entire way…in a TAXI!

Mr. Lomas bicycling to New York City

Mr. Lomas in Central Park in NYC after a 3 week trip from Montreal to NYC on a bike

Saratoga Springs and 60 Minutes

Last Sunday, while watching 60 Minutes, we were surprised to hear Andy Rooney go on and on and on about Saratoga Springs, NY and the Saratoga Racecourse.  Usually that is not a good thing, but Andy spoke about the great affection he has for Saratoga and horseracing in general.  It’s a nice story.  See for yourself.