Small Meeting Safety: How to Meet Face-to-Face in 2020

Right now, all over the world, companies are looking at ways to return to business while controlling the spread of COVID-19. There’s still a lot of uncertainty about small meeting safety. So many businesses are turning online, using virtual conferencing tools like Zoom or workplace messaging apps like Slack.


But there are still many instances where a face-to-face meeting is the best choice. It’s difficult to assess body language over a webcam, making job interviews and relationship building with clients a challenge. Virtual meetings are also less effective for brainstorming sessions. And annual executive retreats are best held face-to-face, to facilitate creativity and team building.


At Saratoga Arms, we strive to think differently. We’ve always taken a bespoke approach to every small meeting and executive retreat. Now, we’re helping our guests plan safe, socially distant small meetings in 2020 and beyond.


Flexible, airy spaces to meet

When choosing a small meeting venue in Saratoga Springs, you must consider how the space adapts. Our hotel offers airy, light-filled conference rooms with flexible configurations. We’ll arrange the room according to the latest official guidelines, providing the appropriate amount of space between each meeting attendee.


A little more room between you doesn’t have to mean decreased productivity. We have large meeting tables with wide aisles adaptable for all meeting configurations. For a small group, tables arranged in a square or circular shape create an environment where each attendee can still communicate clearly and engage easily — all while maintaining social distance.


Ventilation is another important small meeting safety measure to think about. Our meeting rooms feature tall windows that let in plenty of natural light as well as fresh air, if you’d prefer to keep them open for optimal air flow.


Exacting standards

We’ve heightened our already stringent practices around food handling, sanitization, disinfection and cleaning. We’re adhering to the latest New York State protocols and are also following guidance from the world’s leading health experts.


Because we are a small family-owned hotel, we can keep a sharp eye on how our policies are carried out. Owners Kathleen and Amy Smith, along with Rachel Boggan, Operations Manager, personally oversee the staff assigned to these important responsibilities.


When planning your small meeting amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, these exacting standards are more important than ever. All surfaces are routinely disinfected, including door knobs and handles, tables, chairs, elevators, handrails, and audiovisual equipment. You’ll also find hand sanitizer stations provided throughout the hotel.


Individually plated menus

Buffet service is no more, but we don’t think you’ll miss it! At our boutique hotel, we’ve always dedicated a personal chef to your group’s food and beverage needs. This gives us the ability to easily adapt to the times, and shift to tailored, individually plated menu offerings.


We source our ingredients from small, local purveyors. When you book your small meeting at Saratoga Arms, you’ll know that you’re supporting the Saratoga small business and local hospitality community. You’ll also know that your meeting attendees will enjoy fresh, flavorful food that’s customized to their individual tastes, dietary preferences, and needs.


During your meeting

Give your attendees peace of mind by communicating these safety measures ahead of your small meeting. We are happy to provide you with more details about our updated policies and practices.


To kick things off, one easy way to break the ice would be to practice greeting one another without touching. Throughout your meeting, encourage participants to wash their hands regularly — and enable them to do so by planning breaks.


If you’re looking to hold a safe, socially-distant small meeting in Saratoga Springs, get in touch today. Our group sales manager Colleen Earley is available at 518-584-1775 to answer any other questions you may have about our policies or small meeting safety.