Learning Another Lesson

Daughter just had a sitdown with her mother explaining the duties of a blogger.  I am not paying attention to the timeliness factor.  Well, said I, business is starting to “seasonally adjust” and I took a trip to visit her sister and the triplets, visited her baby sister to celebrate her last birthday in the 20’s and by way of a long, long story, I attended the awards dinner for the International Center for Journalists at the Reagan Building in Washington, DC.

George Stephanopoulos was Master of Ceremonies, I had a chance to “mingle” with Bob Schieffer (and tell him how much I enjoyed him on the CBS nightly news), Tom Brokaw and Bob and Leigh Woodruff and lots of other interesting people.  One of the honorees that evening was a young Egyptian man named Wael Abbas.  He received the 2007 Knight International Journalism Award, the first time such a prestigious award had been given to a blogger.  His introduction stated that “Egyptian journalists are struggling to work as the government imposes new restrictions on their activities, underscored by arrests, convictions and imprisonment. …It is in this context that in 2004 Abbas launched his ‘Egyptian Awareness’ blog.  Abbas has broken news on subjects generally avoided by local media:  protests, corruption, and police brutality.  His vivid first-hand reports, videos and photographs have attracted thousands of viewers and the attention of mainstream news outlets…He has been arrested, beaten by thugs, and faces persistent government harassment and intimidation.  ‘I am an Egyptian blogger,’ he wrote in The Washington Post, ‘and the Mubarak regime is out to get me and others like me.'”

As I listened to the efforts he makes to get his blog out, I thought perhaps I could pay a little more attention to mine.