It's Time for an Overhaul: A Room Redo...Part I

A Room Redo…Part I

White paint on woodwork around windows in Room 201 is peeling in large patches.  Why, the wall  feels a little damp.  The best roofer in America (Sam Design) looks it over.  We will need a carpentry crew, metal bender, and of course, his team.  And he knows a place in Granville, up on the Vermont border,  that will be able to duplicate the purple gray fish scale slates that we will need to replace across the front of the building.  All the workmen used Room 201 as a staging area.  When the outside is fixed, and all the contractors have gone home, we look at the room. Peeling paint on the woodwork, dated colors, a quilt that no longer fits the new thicker mattress, a stain on the rug.  It’s time for a complete redo.

Stay tuned for the next installment of “A Room Redo”…

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