Saratoga Arms and The Price is Right

COME ON DOWN… Saratoga Arms, the Saratoga Racecourse and Saratoga Springs will be featured on the The Price is Right on Thursday, February 17th as one of the Showcase Showdowns.  We are thrilled to be part of this package!! Set your DVR or TIVO to see if we have a winner.  We will be watching!! Check your local … Read More

80 years difference, but so much in common!

THE GUESTS WE MEET… My 5 year old son Everett, grandson of Saratoga Arms owners Noel and Kathleen Smith, is an avid Little Rascals fan…the original series from the 1920s.  He checks out the old VHS tapes from the Saratoga Springs Public Library on a weekly basis. About three weeks ago, Kathleen called me from … Read More

An Interesting Way to Travel

The guests we meet… In September a gentleman who lives in South Africa checked into Saratoga Arms.  He walked through the front door in full cycling gear and quite sweaty.  He looked as though he had been bicycling all day…when in fact he had.  Here’s his story- After retirement, he wanted to see the world … Read More

A Room Redo…Part III

It has been awhile since we updated the saga of the room renovation Kathleen embarked upon this Spring.  Let’s pick up where we left off.  (Hint: If you need a refresher click on Room Renovations .) Kathleen and Pamela shop the Springfield, Massachusetts store.  Lots and lots of fabric, but the place has never been … Read More

Saratoga Arms is the recommended Saratoga Springs hotel

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a wonderful article in their US and International Travel section titled “Weekend in Saratoga, N.Y.”  They recommend various eating establishments, places to visit and hotels in Saratoga Springs NY, with Saratoga Arms being amongst them. You may visit the link and read the entire article. Weekend in Saratoga, N.Y.  |