A Room Redo…Part III

It has been awhile since we updated the saga of the room renovation Kathleen embarked upon this Spring.  Let’s pick up where we left off.  (Hint: If you need a refresher click on Room Renovations .)

Kathleen and Pamela shop the Springfield, Massachusetts store.  Lots and lots of fabric, but the place has never been sorted out.  Difficult to find anything..  One of the sales clerks told them that nothing is ever thrown away.  They leave without making a purchase.  A few weeks later Kathleen and Noel fly to Atlanta for the newest grandchild’s christening, and Kathleen gets a chance to go into town to two wonderful fabric shops.  There’s the perfect fabric, but Kathleen has never paid $20 per yard for anything.  So she buys a one yard sample.  Kathleen is going to meet Pamela in Delaware in two weeks to shop a fabulous discount fabric center.  When she shows them the sample, they tell her that the fabric is too new and they would not have it for a year or so.  Kathleen and Pamela like the fabric so much that they decide to bite the bullet and buy one hundred yards in Atlanta.  While in Delaware they buy all of the coordinating fabrics.  On the drive home Kathleen has a thought.  Mr. Springfield has said he has the ability to best anyone’s price on fabric.  Kathleen sends him a sample of the sample.  When Springfield calls the next morning, they tell Kathleen that if she accepts two rolls totaling 101 yards shipped directly from the factory the price will be $12 per yard.  Within the next week fabric is sent to Marked Tree, Arkansas for quilting, fabric is given to the drapery lady in Glens Falls, and the upholstery is delivered to a fellow up north.  Ned (the best painter and plasterer in the world) is on the job, the carpet has been ordered, and new lamps are being sent from California.  The room is rented soon, we have a deadline…are we going to make it?