The Remains of the Day (Part II)

As I said in my previous blog, people leave lots of their life behind in their hotel rooms.  Years ago, the housekeepers turned in an engagement ring found in the corner on the carpet.  It held an unusually small diamond, and the office staff theorized that its size was no doubt a surprise to the bride to be.  It was probably tossed across the room and each must have thought the other retrieved it.  No one has ever telephoned for its return, and you know my rule.

There has been a book left behind many times this fall.  Eat, Pray, Love.  All of these copies have been left with bookmarks about one hundred pages into it.  No one has ever telephoned for its return either.  Apologies to Oprah, but I think many ladies are getting stuck.

Based on these “in house” reviews, I have chosen not to attempt to read it.