Remains of the Day (Part III)

 A lady telephoned on Monday (December 10, 2007).  She stayed at Saratoga Arms in early November but couldn’t remember which room.  She is packing for a Christmas trip to Mexico and cannot locate her charger.  Did she leave it here?  Tech-savvy daughter asked what brand.  “No idea”, says she.  “It’s very different looking” was the only clue she could give. The computer told T/S daughter what room she had stayed in.  T/S daughter went to the Lost and Found Log and found something that might have been left around the first part of November.

Now here’s where it gets to be amazing.  Tech-savvy daughter takes a picture of the missing equipment and emails it off to woman packing for Mexico from her iPhone.  “Is this yours?”  Two minutes later woman packing for Mexico emails back with her Fedex number.  And now that it is Wednesday, the charger is in the Mexico bound suitcase.

I just want to keep up.