8/8/08 – The Perfect Wedding Date

There has been many doings about the date 8/8/08.  Weddings were all the rage for that Friday.  During one of our spring brainstorming sessions about how to market Saratoga Arms in the 8/8/08 hysteria, our Director of Sales and Marketing came up with a brilliant idea…

Saratoga Springs is in the middle of our thoroughbred racing season. The town is jammed and our rooms are filled.  Our director thought it would be fabulous to buy a racing ticket for each room on 8/8/08, betting the eighth horse in the eighth race.  Great idea!  Wouldn’t you know, after the second race that Friday a torrential thunderstorm with golf ball sized hail rained down on Saratoga and the racetrack.  The rest of that day’s racing was cancelled.

We all wondered if we would have a dining room full of winners on 8/9/08.  We’ll never know.

Any ideas for 9/9/09?